i hate if....

I hate if I have a think about you, when I’m alone

I hate if you comes in my dream

I hate if I have to answer your phone call, then sayin’ “HEY!!!”

I hate if you ask me something to do for you

I hate if I can’t lend you something that you need

I hate if you told me about what you have done and what happen to you today!

I hate if I have to walk beside you, but you never think about my feeling

I hate if I feel jealous, but I can’t tell you

I hate if it’s just a fool!

I hate if I heard your footstep walking through my room and knocking the door

I hate if my heartbeat fast when you met someone that I don’t know and you enjoy it

I hate if you asked me out, just you and me

I hate all the things we’ve done together

I hate their perception about us!

I hate if our friends ask me where you are now. And I know the answer

I hate if I’m wrong to guess what’s in your heart

I hate if I have to work with you, in every condition

I hate the trip that we’ve done together!

I hate to tell you about my life…

I hate if you asked me to save your money

I hate the way you hug me in the last day we made decision

I hate the way you kiss me at that night

I hate if I miss you, after all we had done!

And even I hate if I have to love you

Coz my heart gets so weak,

Then I can even breathe

Now I have to go my way,

And you go your way...

Do you know it hurts me so much?

And do you know? I hate when I had to ask you, what am I to you?

The regrets, the feeling, the emotion, the heartbeat, the eye drops, the things, all things….

What should I do?

Be brave?

Be Taft?

Be though?

And survive, isn’t it?

Yes I am!

You’re the beautiful mistake that make me mad but enjoy it

You’re the sweatiest sin which try to tempt me feel a little bit of love

I hate to know you

And hate to be close to you


I hate why I love you much than you love me

But, did I really hate you???


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