be the master of your destiny

Everyone’s have a dream! I have my dream too! I like to imagine it. Pretend when I’m there. I can imagine the place, the time, and the person I will talk to. It’s all so clear in my mind. But, what I want not only imagination. I really want the real situation. And now, I’m in dreams crisis. I try to erase my dreams and live my life just like river flow. Nothing that I have to catch up to! And it’s become the bored day all the way… Then one day, I heard a song from Anggun. The title is “Look into your self”. Let me show you the word…

I’m tired of letting go all that I’ve tried to have,

I’m tired of wasting time looking up to the wrong stars,

I do believe in life and that everything is written,

But life is not a book with pages wide opened.

Don’t search too far!

Sometimes all that you need is only a step away.

Look into your self!

The one and only

Look into your self,

If you want to find the key!

Look into your self,

Release your heart free!

And be the master of your destiny.

Don’t be afraid of wanting changes in your life,

Don’t be afraid to go to wherever you decide,

Believe in your self and believe in what you can do!

And no one can deny the will that lies in you!

Try to pay more attention,

And live your life with good intentions!

Look into your self,

Cause there’s a rainbow,

There is so much more that you need to know!

Cause in your self,

There’s serenity!

It’s all in your self,

You are the master of your destiny!

For every doubt you face,

In every steps you take,

For choices that you make,

Dreams aren’t made to be erased!

Just look into your self…

The master of your destiny,

It’s in your self!

That’s it! (Even there are some words I change….)

I think that’s so me! Just like me. The different is there are some words that show the spirit there. But, there is no spirit in my life. After heard that song, I realize, that I can not erased my dream. It’s still in my mind. And all I got to do is catch it up! Never give up! Try to pay more attention, and try to live my life with good intention. Cause, like the song said, there’s still a rainbow. And I’m the master of my destiny! So, for everyone, who ever felt the same way, never try to erase your dreams. Cause we live in dreams. Just try to pay more attention on it. And believe the rainbow will rise up… AZA!


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