accidental married

I just watched a movie; the title is “accidental married”. Why I bought that dvd? It’s just because “Jeffery dean morgan” played. I kinda fall in love with him since I watched “grey’s anatomy”. And more fall in love when I saw “P.S I love you”. Well, he has a beautiful smile. Warm face, but also shown his bad boy side. Ouch, I really-really dare to meet him. And also make fantasize kissin’ him…

Yeah, what a fuckin dream?

Let me tell the movie.

There’s a women who call Dr. Emma Lloyd. She write a book which is become best sellers. Running some radio program about love. Most of the listeners are woman. In the beginning she said, "love is suppose to nurse you. You have to find the REAL love. Don’t lower your standard on men. But, how you suppose to know the love is REAL or not? Spell it out your self, R if, he responsible, E if he an equal, A if he an adult, and most of all L if you love him.” Then there’s a caller consult about her love life and Dr. Emma Lloyd suggest that she have to end up her marriage. That turn out the man who supposes date the caller want to make some lessons to Dr. Emma Lloyd. So the man, with high technology (such as internet hacker…) make a fake marriage to Dr. Emma Lloyd with him. That’s the only way he got a chance to meet her. He say that he want this doctor feel the passion of romantic love. Not the REAL love. But then, the doctor fined out that the man makes it out. At that time she already engages and planning her wed day. Well the teaching part was end up successfully. On the wedding day the doctor realize her REAL romantic and passionate love. And marry the man who made the fake marriage.

That movie makes me want to define love,

Nat king cole said, love is the way you look at your lover, only one you see, very-very extraordinary, even more than anyone that you adore.

Lionell richie said, love is obvious, you can’t help it you’re feeling butterflies, chemistry, and a bond that’s unbreakable.

Bachelor girl would say, love is like walk under the bus, got hit by a train, keep falling in love which is kinda the same, sunk out at sea, crash a car, gone insane but it felt so good and want to do it again.

Well, the next generations like,

Ne-yo and Rihanna would say love is things that make you want to smile, laugh, forget all of the upset things, can’t stay mad for to long, and always have a spell on.

Colbie coillat said, love is crazy, take a real slow, never let it go.

Jason mraz said, won’t hesitate no more, cannot wait, I’m yours, well open up your mind and see like me, open up your plans and damn your free, look into your heart and you’ll find love…love…love… listen to the music of the moment maybe sing with me ala peaceful melody and it’s your GOD-forsaken to be loved-love-loved-love…

and here what the scientist said,

Love is any of a number of emotions and experiences related to a sense of strong affection.[1] The word love can refer to a variety of different feelings, states, and attitudes, ranging from generic pleasure ("I loved that meal") to intense interpersonal attraction ("I love my girlfriend"). This diversity of meanings, combined with the complexity of the feelings involved, makes love unusually difficult to consistently define, even compared to other emotional states.

As an abstract concept, love usually refers to a deep, ineffable feeling of tenderly caring for another person. Even this limited conception of love, however, encompasses a wealth of different feelings, from the passionate desire and intimacy of romantic love to the nonsexual emotional closeness of familial and Platonic love[2] to the profound oneness or devotion of religious love.[3] Love in its various forms acts as a major facilitator of interpersonal relationships and, owing to its central psychological importance, is one of the most common themes in the creative arts.

And for me, maybe not quite enough to know what love is, like Jason mraz said,

“It takes no time to fall in love, but it takes you years to know what love is…”

Since now, I live for 23 years, I have some definition about love too, here it is…

Love is about happiness, heart attack (hehehe….) no, I mean, your heart beat will increase, you gonna feel the warm spread out to your soul, you don’t want to let it go, coz it make you smile everyday, you’ll think you gonna live forever and happily ever after. But I also found out that sometimes love make your heart broke, your life turning upside down, no more smile coz the smile become burden.

That’s why I’m gonna say, do not love too deep, because we have to leave so many times in once life. Love naturally. Maybe that will make your love a little bit long lasting. Maybe… hehehe… coz I can not prove it yet… ???


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