Ego vs superego

Too much words dancing in my mind,.
it feels like i have two guardians,.
the bad ones and good ones,.
Or, for more psychology terms,
The bad one is my 'EGO'
And the good one is my 'SUPEREGO'

Unfortunately they keep fighting each other,
Try to suggest me more realistic reason that imply at my action.

"you can do this! That! Its quite acceptable for you,." said the EGO,.

"No!! You CAN'T do that because of this,.this,.that,.that,.remember what you've already read, you knew its wrong,.blah..blah..blah.." said the SUPEREGO

"well,'re the one who can choose. Think about it clearly FIT!!!" said the EGO and SUPEREGO

Then i reply;
"oh GREAT!!? Now you leave me alone to choose???"

My head still spinning around with those words dancing in my cognition.

Ooooohhh my EGO,..???

Ooooooohhhh my SUPEREGO,...???

Could you just stop fighting in my mind?????


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